About us

Who We Are ?

We are Chinese,we are 1980’s,1990's.

Our own factory,we make the stainless steel.

We have a dream,we are holding the youth,we are full of positive energy,

We tide,we're cool,we're HAPPY,we're running on the way,

We have fun,we are working hard and keep learning,we do it the best when we do!

We are what we are,let foreigners praise Chinese feel pride.


What We Do?

Our company is specialized in the customized stainless steel building design,production and sales,mainly made the indoor and outdoor decoration products for hotels,villas,apartments,clubs and others  eg:the stainless steel stair railing,balcony handrail,glass door handle,shower room,shower screen,water drain,glass curtain wall,stainless steel screen,stainless steel decorative vase,the stainless steel door,lamps etc.We have many 3D and AutoCad graphic designers,who can make the customized special articles according to clients requirements and drawings.There are also various stainless steel finishing equipments,including cutting machine,bending machine,plate flat machine,sawing machine,grinder,lathe,CNC automatic lathe,CNC milling machine,triple axles machining center,laser cutting machine,automatic polishing machine,argon arc welding machine,ultrasonic cleaning machine,laser marking machine,bending machine,punching machine etc.


When We Are?

In 2005,taking by the spring of Chinese encourage exports to promote economic development policy,we do first try work in stainless steel area.After 3 years of foreign trade business experience,we have got a lot of lessons.With the orders increased and required,we have been decided to invest our own factory in March 2008 formally in Guangzhou Huadu disctrict,coverd an area of 4600 square.At present our products are exported to 126 countries and regions,more than one thousand of customers at home and abroad were visited.With the plan of future 20years development of business,we set up a branch in Bangkok of Thailand and Hanoi of Vietnam.In 2013,for the requirements of the formal import and export demands,we set up an new company responsible the overall operation of all foreign export import and export issues.


Where We Are?

We came here in 2008,located in Guangzhou Huadu it was a small village before,outside of plant wall is a tattered road,there are only wanton soaring weeds besides the road.As the landlord and middleman said:within three years there will be a large wholesale center market of agricultural products.we have established own manufactory here at the first revolutionary base.Now so many years have passed,all around has a lot of changes,the neighbors side by factroy were came and leaved,we are still here,we are still in the old place for 12 years.Please remember our detail address:JINXIN HARDWARE Products Manufactory at Dayun Industrial Area,Pingbu Road,Yangwu Village,Shiling Town,Huadu District of Guangzhou.By the Baidu map,AMAP map or Google map, you can easily navigate to find us.We are 25 minutes away from Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport,30 kilometers away from the Guangzhou Railway Station,15 minutes far from the North of Guangzhou High-Speed Rail Station.How happy we are as have friends visit from afar.So sincerely welcome you coming.


Why We Are?

History:we have more than 12 years of stainless steel production and customized design experience,we refuse to do the homogeneous rough rotten products,we are responsible for each of our any products.
Factory:we have 4600 m2 owned production factory,workshop equipment has more than 50sets,each a bit is truly specialized in processing of stainless steel,even the screw is made of stainless steel. Not other metal.
Germany:the earliest original business is from Germany.And thanks to German customers full trust and support us,they are not only source goods from us,but also teach us how to improve the production process for stainless steel,in accordance with their requirements and standards of Germany.
Italy:we participated in many exhibition in Europe and other countries,which helps promote the sales of our products,also open our international vision and illuminate the brilliant ideas.Our product is adopt the Italy minimalist style,we keep pursuit its simple and stylish character of stainless steel.
Unique Originality:when the years of most Chinese people use the general stainless steel 201,we are already the actual manufactor using the American Standard stainless steel 304;When the years of domestic stainless steel 304 flooded use in streets and markets,we are already made 316/316L production,and the high-grade stainless steel demands accupied for 70% share;When the years of other competitors still use the ordinary manual processing equipment,we have already eliminated the old machine and to apply the new automatic production equipment in order to more accurate processing.We are always been the PIONEER in the industry.
In this precious time lack of honesty,we guarantee:Stainless steel products,you choose us,you are right!

Company Profile

JINGYU products has been exported to the international area such as Asia,North America, Europe,Middle East and so on,the main exported countries has Germany,Italy,France,Australia,Canada, Dubai,America,Saudi Arabia,Russia etc.

Guangzhou JINGYU Industrial Co., Ltd is a subsidiary belongs to Guangzhou Huadu JINXIN Hardware Products Manufactory,which is wholly owned invested.JINGYU mainly engaged in the stainless steel decorative hardware products and provides the entire decoration solution for the hotel,restaurant,apartment,house,holiday resort,office building,airports,subway stations and exhibition centers, etc.


JINGYU has always adhered to apply the imported high-grade stainless steel (AISI304/316) as raw materials,combined with crystal,glass,wood,LED and other elements,adhering to the design idea of "Safe Easy and Fast Installation,Exquisite Fashion and Fresh Innovation” to create more multiple series products for the modern decoration life,following the requirements of domestic and abroad customer.

Looking on the global market,JINGYU products has been exported to the international area such as Asia,North America,Europe,Middle East and so on,the main exported countries has Germany, Italy, France,Australia,Canada,Dubai,America,Saudi Arabia,Russia etc.The brands has:JINXIN,JINXINYU,NOLAQI,and NEREZ.We are keeping committed to be the stainless steel decorative hardware experts,Let us light up your life.

Company Culture

  • 2005/7/7 Jinxin Hardware HongKong company was officially established.
  • 2005/8/1 Jinxin Hardware Company successfully registered accounts in HSBC.
  • 2006/7/8 Jinxin Hardware Company formal cooperation with MADE-IN-CHINA.
  • 2008/3/6 Jinxin Hareware Company set uo a factory in GuangZhou.
  • 2009/5/9 Jinxin Hardware Company formal cooperation with ALIBABA.
  • 2009/7/18 Jinxin Hardware Company completed the first resteucting and reallocate equity.
  • 2010/9/3 Jinxin Hardware verification by SGS company site visits.
  • 2012/4/1 Jinxin Office was established in Vietnam.
  • 2012/5/5 Jinxin Office was established in Thailand.
  • 2014/4/15 A wholly owend subsidiary of Jinxin: GUANGZHOU JINGYU INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD.

Enterprise Idea

JINGYU has always adhered to apply the imported high-grade stainless steel(AISI 304/316) as raw materails,combined with crystal,glass,wood,LED and other elements to create more multiple series products for the modern decoration life.

Why we choose stainless steel?
1.Chemical properties:resistance to chemical corrosion and electrochemical corrosion is the best in the steel,only second to titanium.

2.Physical properties:heat resistance,high temperature,but also ultra-low temperature resistance,even temperature resistance.

3.Mechanical properties:depending on the type,the mechanical properties of stainless steel vary,martensitic stainless with high strength, hardness,corrosion resistance and suitable for the manufature of both high strength,high wear resistance of the parts,such as turbine shaft,stainless steel knives,stainless steel bearings,austenitic stainless good plasticity,strength,corrosin and mechanical properties need to be vary less demanding situations,such as chemical plants,fertilizer plants,sulfuric acid,hydrochloric acid timber equipment manufactures,of course,also be used for submarines and other military industries,moderate mechanical properties of ferritic stainless steel,the strength is not too high,however,resistance to oxidation,suitable for a variety of industrial furncce parts.

4.Technics properties:Austenitic stainless steel craft the best performance, due to good plasticity,workability called all kinds of plates,pipes and other profiles,suitable for pressure processing,high hardness martensitic stainless steel due to the poor properties of some technics.

Inherent properties of stainless steel make it possible to use the railing for arrangement of porilions,balconies and fire escapes.Their freedom of stainless steel ensures high security,improve the appearance of the facades of buildings,give them orginality and conciseness.