Our Service

In order to creat a famous brand,enchance our visibility and establish a corporate image,we promise to you with our spirit of "All the pursuit of quality,customer satisfaction for the purpose" and principle of "The most reliable quality of products the most attentive service".

A commitment to quality of product:
1. There are quality records and test data of manufacturing and testing.
2. The product performance testing.We sincerely invited clients to visit the whole process,check the permance of products.
3. Our products under normal use enviornmental commitments shelf life of five years.Normally,304 3-5 years no rust,316 to ensure 5-8 years no rust ( expect special damp environment with high salinity on the coast).
The price of product
1. In order to ensure quality and advanced of product,we choose stainless steel 304,316,316L as our raw material.
2. In the same competitive conditions,we provide the most favorable price to you in the basis of not to reduce technical permance and change parts of products.
Delivery time:According to client requirements as far as possible, if any special requirements,to be completed ahead of schedule,we may in particular organization of production,installation,and strive to meet custonmer needs.General product's delivery time is usually 25-30 days,30-45 days of customized service.
Packaging and transportation
1. Our default package for a single product in bubble cushioning warp plastic film and paper tray.For glass and other fragile products,we all default fully enclosed wooden packaging(non-wood).And also according to customer requirements of special packaging.
2. We will take photographs and record the quantity of goods,fill the packing list,cofirm with customers before shipment.If the goods loss and damaged during transport,we will submit insurance claims.If the goods need to return,at the request of customers,we will confirm and follow up the appropriate number of free qualified products to the customer,and assure all the costs.

After-sales service
  • 1. Service purposes:Quick,decisive,accurate,thoughful and thorough.
  • 2. Serbice efficiency:If occur any problem of quality or installation, we will reply within 24 hours.If the customer request us to install the product.We will accord to the actual requirment of project,to determine whether we need to send someone to customer's location.For simple installation,fabrication and installation of video can be sent to customer for reference.
-We just keep our service professional, practical, personal and perfect!