Company Activity-Factory Day



We look forward to visiting the factory,theoretical knowledge is far from satisfying our desire for product knowledge, the only person at the scene watching production workers about cutting, drilling, die, milling, bending,welding,polishing,a series of processes such as cleaning theraw materials into finished products, in order tohave a better understanding of the product. Production workers rigorous work, stringent requirements for productdetails, let us understanding why our products can be exported to Europe, America,Australia and other developed countries, in an increasingly grim economic situation in China can survive and continue to grow, it told us strictly for raw materials, the production of every aspect of strictly controlled and fast, courteous service inseparable.

Every time to foctory, can be an understanding of the product, we would feel more of confidence and a sense of responsibility in the Chinese market, the situation shoddy fool customers too much, many consumers suffer. Trythinking that if these stainless steel product shave quality problems, the number of security risks exist. Do have a conscience, a sense of responsibility, a mission of the enterprise,which is our founder has been in practice, but alsoevery one of us must practice as "JINGYU" team.